CREDC uses a multi-track framework to address research problems that support strategies and objectives outlined in the Roadmap to Achieve Energy Delivery Systems Cybersecurity. Click on each track to see a complete list of research activities.  

Long-Term Research: CREDC identifies and addresses critical, long-term issues that impact Energy Delivery System (EDS) cybersecurity and cyber-resiliency, focusing on the evolving adversary and technological landscape.

Mid-Term Research: CREDC focuses on research that leads to technology transition. Mid-term R&D activities are those whose solutions typically require 6-12 months of applied research and 6-12 months of development.

Verification & Validation: CREDC is developing software and methodologies for evaluating resilient Energy Delivery System (EDS) technology. V&V products, services, and results are used in the final stages of field-destined CREDC research efforts.