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Programming for the Kids in All of Us

Jana Sebestik
Year: | Type:

On Modeling Voltage Phasor Measurements as Graph Signals

Raksha Ramakrishna
Year: 2019 | Type: Proceedings

On the Effectiveness of Intrusion Response Systems against Persistent Threats

Md Sharif Ullah
Year: 2019 | Type: Journal Article

Towards Optimal Cyber Defense Remediation in Energy Delivery Systems

Kamrul Hasan
Year: 2019 | Type: Journal Article

Preparing for a Large Scale Energy Delivery Sector Cyber Attack

Keri Pearlson
Year: 2019 | Type: Journal Article

CAPTAR: Causal-Polytree-based Anomaly Reasoning for SCADA Networks

Klara Nahrstedt
Year: 2019 | Type: Journal Article

EDMAND: Edge-Based Multi-Level Anomaly Detection for SCADA Networks

W. Ren, T. Yardley, K. Nahrstedt
Year: 2018 | Type: Proceedings

EDSGuard: Enforcing Network Security Requirements for Energy Delivery Systems

V. Coughlin, C. Rubio-Medrano, Z. Zhao and G.J. Ahn
Year: 2018 | Type: Proceedings

Low-Resolution Fault Localization Using Phasor Measurement Units with Community Detection

A. Scaglionem, M. Jamei, S. Peisert
Year: 2018 | Type: Proceedings

Peer-to-peer Detection of DoS Attacks on City-Scale IoT Mesh Networks

M.J. Rausch, V. B. Krishna, P. Gu, R. Chandra, B. Feddersen, A. Fawaz, and W. H. Sanders
Year: 2018 | Type: Proceedings

PhasorSec: Protocol Security Filters for Wide Area Measurement Systems

P. Anantharaman, K. Palani, R. Brantley, G. Brown, S. Bratus, S. W. Smith
Year: 2018 | Type: Proceedings

Enhancing Microgrid Resiliency Against Cyber Vulnerabilities

Venkataramanan, V., Srivastava, A., Hahn, A., Zonouz, S.
Year: 2018 | Type: Proceedings

Detecting Manipulation of Power Distribution System Control Devices

Roberts, C., Arnold, D., Jamei, M., Scaglione, A., Gentz, R., Peisert, S., Stewart, E.M., McParland, C., and McEachern A.
Year: 2018 | Type: Journal Article

Going Dark: A Retrospective on the North American Blackout of 2038

Anantharaman, P., Brady, J.P., Flathers, P., Kothari, V.H., Millian, M.C., Nisen, W.G., Reeves, J., Reitinger, N., Smith, S.W.
Year: 2018 | Type: Proceedings

Self-Healing Cyber Resilient Framework for Software Defined Networking-enabled Energy Delivery System

Hasan, K., Shetty, S., Hassanzadeh, A., Salem, M.B. and Chen, J.
Year: 2018 | Type: Proceedings

Towards a Reliable and Accountable Cyber Supply Chain in Energy Delivery System Using Blockchain

Liang, X., Shetty, S., Tosh, D., Ji, Y., and Li, D.
Year: 2018 | Type: Proceedings